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The Pichal Peri’s were primarily known in Indian subcontinent  before the Indian Partition. The term ‘’Pichal Peri’’ belongs to the Indian culture. These are the paranormal entities that have been the part of native folklore in India during the past. According to the legend; the Pichal Peri is a demonic woman with its feet’s pointing backward. But in some very rare cases it also has its male counterpart. 

The pichal peri seems to be a ghostly kind of entity, that looms in deserted areas, mountains and shores of the Indian Subcontinent. And there is a potential threat from such beings near the burial places, graveyards and  cemeteries where the dead are. Uninhabited places are prone to such paranormal activity. Such mysterious entities usually loom in quiet lonely places away from the human population. These mysterious creatures usually stay away from populated areas so that no one would detect their presence. The reported incidents might be attributed to some kind of inter-dimensional activity, because these creatures appear and disappear.

The general notion is;  that you cannot differentiate a Pichal Peri from a woman, except that its feet’s are different.  There is no in-depth explanation about their existence. And knowledge on the subject is very limited! Mostly based on hearsay or past experiences of people.  But the fact about such legends is that sometime they are true.

The layman generally describes the Pichal peri as a Ghostly entity or evil spirit also known as Churel in India. But according to scientific perspective it is some form of hyperphysical being from another dimension in space.  However there are stories and experiences that have led people to believe that it could be demonic in nature. And there is a difference between hearing a story and actually  experiencing it. Hence the Pichal Peri tales are part of the Indian library. 

There are people who have come across such things and experienced  unusual events. One of the theory is that the lower subdivision in 4th dimension or overtone (astral plane) is usually inhabited by entities that died but remained stuck between the two worlds.  This is the scenario where disembodied spirits can haunt places or people for centuries, because they think they are still alive and living in the same time and era as when they died.  ‘’DEATH" the Greatest terror of Mankind, often sets in motion, the forces which human mind is not capable of understanding.  It does not necessarily brings an end to life.  If there is consciousness beyond the grave, then life probably does not cease to exist after death.  This 4th dimensional world is the playing ground for the dark forces. And there is a certain moment when these restless spirits begin to roam  freely among the living.  It probably uses some kind of inter-dimensional gateway ... The veil that separates our world from the world of dead becomes more transparent. The most common house Ghosts are generally the spirits of the dead human beings, though not living in physical bodies. Some evil spirits are desperate to be physical again.  Under these circumstances a spirit could haunt a place and sometime it can be absolutely physical and life threatening. 

Science has been wondering about a weird possibility that there might be dark mysterious hidden worlds beyond human senses.  From some unfathomable place, the dark mysterious force creeps in and comes across people.   Unusual practices such as witchcraft and black magic used by ancients for centuries to obtain secret information can invite trouble from the spiritual world. This kind of practice opens up vortexes or doorways in space which allows the Evil Spirits to come. If such practice is not performed carefully, the vortex 
may remain open and not shut down properly, hence the spirit stays around and roams freely at will. Under such conditions the haunting takes place.  And unexplained events may occur when the demonic entity interferes with life on Earth. It can hide at a frequency range that our senses can not perceive..And from that point it can observe people without being seen.  But It can reveal itself if it chooses to access. And It may be very near to us yet we don't know it. 

According to the religious perspective, the entities known as Jinn’s are invisible so we can’t see or hear them but they have families living on planet Earth. The pichal peri could be a part of the Jinn group or some form of extraterrestrial. 

There is an invisible world contrary to the visible.  Science supports the idea that the structure of our DNA does not allow us to see, hear, touch, smell or feel many unseen things that exist in the same world around us.  Our brains cannot see the entities living in the dimension beyond our own.  Most human humans have been naturally programmed to fear unknown, therefore instinctively avoid places where the evil spirits are located.  The knowledge about the unseen world is necessary, Since when a person knows what he is dealing with then he can take care of it.  The best way to guard yourself is being attuned to GOD.  

There have always been unfriendly creatures and their influence on Earth, since the beginning of life. 
The scientist argues that there is no known reason for space travel to be impossible. There are 44 million planets similar to Earth in our galaxy where human civilazations have naturally evolved on their own. There is plenty of time for space races to develop, move out in space and populate other worlds. Based on this, the time taken for civilizations to evolve, from the earliest cities to space age, show that Earth would have been colonized before any humans had ever walked the Earth.  The Aliens or Extraterrestrials may have disembarked and walked the Planet Earth before the origin of mankind. There very well may have been civilizations that stretch back hundreds of thousands or even millions of years further than conventional histories. And that there were civilizations that we don't know  about.  The human civilization in constellation Lyra is the oldest its more then 22 million years old. The ancient Lyrians have populated several worlds in space and thats where the white genetic got to Earth. But he original Earth humans were the brown skin Asian race. The Asian genetic  is the oldest.  While the black race came from Sirius some 27000 years ago. But there is a blue skin race that lives underground. They don’t like sun light. Some of these creatures have been occasionally seen coming out of the grounds in India. The Sumerian texts confirm that the "Anunnaki" were, in fact, not the first on Earth - a race or races known as the "Ancient Ones" pre-dated the arrival of the Anunnaki". The Ancient Ones had come from the stars many eons earlier and had established an extremely advanced culture. The Anunnaki, was very technologically advanced changed the entire face of Solar System. Eventually, the planet, Tiamat, was destroyed, and turned into the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and the remaining part became our Moon. Mars lost its atmosphere. 

They could still be hidden out there deep in those uncharted areas of this Planet or even in the sea or air. The vast empty lands and unoccupied areas around the world may not be so empty. But we can't see or hear them. According to the Jinn hypothesis, the humans can't see them because they are usually invisible to the human eyes and maybe the Humans are only visible as very blurry objects to them also. But usually live in deserted areas away from human population. The evil Jinn’s are known as demons. The question is that Could the demonic creature or Pichal Peri woman be some kind an Alien or Extraterrestrial. Which  uses the Planet Earth as its abode and have the ability to survive the crazy weather. The Aliens may have acquired invisibility. Crazy it may seem but what if it’s true? 

There is another hypothesis that an object is only visible if the light is reflected from it. If an object absorbs all the light that falls on it then it appears like a dark shadow. And if the object allows all the light that falls on it to pass through it unhindered, then it becomes  invisible. Scientists are now on the track of invisible bodies. The Dark side is invisible and mysterious and seems to occupy 96% (Ninety Six percent)  of the Universe. Everything that we see around us including rocks, trees, Air, oceans and even people or our parents or objects or any other thing that our visible world consists of is only 4% (Four Percent) of the Universe. The dark matter doesn't interact with regular matter or light at all. Like an invisible man it can pass through the walls. There may be invisible things and even invisible people made up of nothing that our scientists presently understand. These are the people of the hidden world. 

The Extraterrestrials are extremely experienced at the physical reality.  Some of their kinds are so powerful that they are born and die at will. They must know a lot about life on Earth which is too young compared to the Universe. Although the scientists don't have any evidence of their presence on Earth until now, but they don't deny their existence. There may be more then 10,000/- Worlds among more then 100 billion stars of our milky way Galaxy.  There is a strong possibility that we are being watched, scrutinized and assessed by an invisible civilization hidden from our senses.  Enrico Fermi, a nuclear scientist, questioned this argument saying that if Extraterrestrial does exist then where are they and shouldn't their presence be evident? Scientists have come up with possible explanations that maybe they chose not to explore. Or perhaps they are here on Earth but don't want to interfere with us. It has been theorized that the Extraterrestrial, Ghosts and Monsters and other mysterious things are actually visitors from a dimension of time and space beyond our own. They are inter-dimensional beings and occasionally visit us and come to our plane of existence due to some anonymous reason. They may even appear as passing shadows or something else.  

With all our investigation and thoughtfulness, we are no closer to knowing the truth about the unexplained. The world beyond the normal four dimensions of space and time makes no scientific sense to people living on  Earth. They are blind to that information about the other more complex dimensions of space and time.    In May 2008, The Vatican's chief astronomer and director of the Vatican Observatory, Jose Gabriel Funessays say, that believing in extraterrestrials does not contradict faith in God. The vastness of the universe explains that it is possible there could be other forms of life, even intelligent ones. In an interview published by Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano, Funes says that such a notion "doesn't contradict our faith" because they are  GOD's creatures. An Extraterrestrial world could possibly exist just above the surface of the fourth dimension. And ruling out their existence would be like "putting limits" on GOD's creative freedom. Someday, these beings may openly reveal themselves to the Earth's human population.  Perhaps it is a scientific fact that hasn't been revealed yet.  Whatever happens to the things that disappear in our visible world, they could be moving interdimensionally between two dimensions.  The invisible objects don’t mix up with objects of the visible world because their atomic frequencies are different.  All that exists in the hidden world including Angels, Demons, Aliens or UFO's are present in the same space that we occupy right now but we can't see or feel their presence because they exist on a different level of existence. The world we live in is not the only one. It is quite probable that we Earthlings are merely one of many other civilizations in space. Best modern physics and astrophysics theories forecast that we should be experiencing  Extraterrestrial  visitation. The Australians have pointed out that there is a galactic habitable zone in our Milky Way Galaxy. Our sun is relatively newer than an average star in the galaxy. Our world could also be a part of a much bigger extraterrestrial civilization.  So it might very well be easy for the aliens to move in and out through doorways to other dimensions. There is a strong prospect that we should be in the center of one or more huge Extraterrestrial civilizations. There are researchers who suggest the aliens exist but we have failed to notice their presence. It seems a veil in between has hidden the creatures from our senses. The universe may be crawling with life , and some of which might be unimaginably different to life as we know it. We will be lucky if we even recognize it when we see it.  Perhaps the evidence of their presence is so beyond us that we simply don't recognize it. Or perhaps they do not want us to know that they are around.  Silently observing us as we lead our lives."  If we understand the processes of evolution, we not only be able to know what to look for in terms of life beyond Earth but also the true meaning of our own existence. The universe holds away from us many great secrets, and GOD knows what startling facts we would discover within the near future.. Supernatural would be explored and hidden information would be revealed. 
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